Friday, April 4, 2014

POSSESSIONS: A Collection of Short Stories About the Abject Horror of Ordinary Objects.

Burnt Offerings Books is proud to announce the release of its latest anthology.

POSSESSIONS: A Collection of Short Stories About the Abject Horror of Ordinary Objects is an anthology assembled and edited by Paul Loh.
Inspired by his social networking with other authors, Paul Loh decided to collaboratively come up with a theme with authors invited to participate in a secret invitation only group.
Of the thirty-three group members, fifteen contributed stories based on the theme of the abject horror of ordinary objects.
As the editor said, "It has been said that what is wrong with the world is that we use people and love things instead of the other way around.  What if things were using people? That question is answered within these pages.  Here, we have fifteen authors who have probed their deepest fears to transport you into a world where the enemy has no face.  It could be a phone, a book, a calendar or even a pair of shoes.  When ordinary objects become something to fear, where can you ever be safe?  We have met the enemy and it is our Possessions!"

From the Foreword:

"I am amazed by how quickly this all came together.  I've always known that I'm a writer and that I love to edit and proofread, but I never thought I'd be putting all those skills together in one project.
One night in December, Clay Cross and I were talking on Skype.  He mentioned a short story he'd like to write.  I told him that if he wrote a story,  I'd write one too and we could put them together in an anthology and get other writers to contribute to it.  Thus was born the idea.
When I got a group of writers together, we discussed a theme and came up with the title, which we all agreed upon.  We would write about ordinary objects somehow becoming something to fear.
From the beginning, this has been a collaborative effort. I could never have done this without the help of all the other writers.  This idea of ours becoming a reality is definitely a dream come true for me and all of us!
I am honored that I know so many talented writers.  Some I met at school, some I met while doing stand-up comedy at open-mic night and some I know through Facebook.  Now you can get to know them a little through the pages of this book!  At least their fears.
Sometimes that's the most real part of a person."

For several of the authors, this is their first publishing credit.
This is in adherence with the policy of Burnt Offerings Books to help authors that are trying to establish themselves to build their publishing resume to help them leverage their future work for pro-rate sales.

In this anthology are the following stories, organized by length from shortest to longest:
The Phone by Clay Cross
The Doorbell by John Reti
Bullet by Anthony Calhoun
Timer by Abbey Sweeny
Good Luck by Scott Lefebvre
Victory Assured by C. L. Quigley
Smart Phone by Paul Loh
Mine by Ian McClellan
A Call From Beyond by D. A. DeCuzzi
2B or Not 2B by Barb Lien-Cooper
Consumption by Ryan Lieske
Sussurri della Notte by Jason Holton
The Amulet by Amy Frischmann
Menology by Shanna M. Zuniga
Voices Under The Cabin Floor by Jason Harris

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