Friday, January 17, 2014

You Are Entitled To My Opinion - Volume 3 is now available!

Our latest release: You Are Entitled To My Opinion - Volume 3 is now available!

A collection of interviews with authors that have used zombies as a theme in their work.
Using a standard initial survey and then using the answers to the initial survey to ask follow-up questions, the interviewer conducts a series of conversational correspondence style interviews worth reading.

The title of the interview series is not a mistake, as everyone is entitled to the opinions of both the interviewer and interviewees.

This is a collection of the best interviews from the blog.

You can read other interesting interviews at the website for the blog:

In this collection are interviews with:
Armand Rosamilia
Chris Philbrook
Jay Wilburn
Ian McClellan
Cedric Nye
H. E. Goodhue
Paul Loh
James O. Cannon
Sylvan Kills
Josh Hilden
Maz Marik
Bryan Cassiday
Joseph & Marisha Cautili
Lucy Leitner
Rhiannon Frater
Catt Dahman
Julie Rudolph
Kya Aliana
April Hawks
Christine Verstraete
Jake Bible
R. J. Spears
Edwin Stark
R. J. Kennett
Mark Woods
Tonia Brown
Tristan Vick
Edward P. Cardillo
Shane Gregory
Peter Mark May

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