Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Burnt Offerings Audio Books is now open for commissions!


After having spent the last year or so honing my skills in the art of recording spoken word and audio books, I am now confident enough with the quality of my output to offer my services recording audio books.

What you will receive as an audio book client is an adaptation of your book as an audio book product, in your preferred format, ready to be distributed via your preferred method of distribution, to allow you complete saturation of your target demographic of readers.

I also offer assistance with setting up a site to host your audio books, branding the site, and coordinating the payment gateway for your audio books. As long as you have an active PayPal account coordinating the payment gateway is relatively simple to do.

Pricing for the production of an audio book depends on the length of the material.

To listen to samples of audio books I have produced, you can click through to the page that I maintain for my audio book projects.

If you are an author, or know an author that is interested in having their book adapted into an audio book, please contact me at the e-mail at the end of this post and we can discuss the project.

Scott Lefebvre
Burnt Offerings Audio Books

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