Friday, December 20, 2013

You Are Entitled To My Opinion - Volume 2 is now live!

You Are Entitled To My Opinion - Volume 2 is now live!

A collection of interviews with artists.
Using a standard initial survey and then using the answers to the initial survey to ask follow-up questions, the interviewer conducts a series of conversational correspondence style interviews worth reading.
The title of the interview series is not a mistake, as everyone is entitled to the opinions of both the interviewer and interviewees.
This is a collection of the best interviews from the blog.

You can read other interesting interviews at the website for the blog:

In this collection are interviews with:
Black Mass
Lou Rosconi
Chris “Ralski” Amesquita
Nicolas Caesar
Amber Michelle Russell
Humanburger Jones
J. Spencer Shull
Jared Konopitski
Dave Castr
Justin Aerni
John Hageman Jr.
Nate Milliner
Alex McVey
Kelly Forbes
Roger Scholz
Chad Savage
Luke Cooper
Monica Munster
Bill Killen
Rob Sacchetto
Eric Pigors
Chad Kaplan
Aaron Ulcer

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